Block Defender: Tower Defense - screenshot

– Tên games: Block Defender

– Hãng sản xuất: Lunagames

– Thể loại: Phòng thủ chiến lược

– Giá bán trên google play: miễn phí

– Hack game: OK  [ Vô hạn HP, xây dựng các pháp đài phòng thủ sẽ tăng vàng — Một phiên bản chỉnh sửa của ]

– Dung lượng tải về: 39Mb

– Download tại đây:

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- Mô tả: google play

Block Defender: Tower Defense - screenshot

Block Defender: Tower Defense - screenshot

Block Defender: Tower Defense - screenshot

Block Defender: Tower Defense - screenshot


Build and Defend – The ultimate defense game in pure BLOCK style!Just some of the awesome features:
– True smooth 3d graphics
– 20 unique levels
– Over 5 blocky attackers
– 4 cool defenders with unique abilities
– Colorful BLOCK style
– New in-level soundtrack and fx effectsThe pixel style tower defense game for your Android phone or tablet: “Block Defender: Defense of the Pixel Tower”!

Join your little piece of blocky fun today and download this free game app today!
Background story:
A world after people has resulted in weird humanoid tiny block creatures to roam the earth. For many ages the good blocks dominated the planet to offer a period of peace and stability. However in 2084 a period of new devil like evil blocks emerged onto the scene. The evil bad blocks are true warmongers and had only one key mission to cheat and bring death and destruction to the universe. The good and bad quickly became rivals and war was imminent turning the globe into a warzone.

The Block warfare (2 warring block empires) has begun! A war of good Vs evil in which the evil Blocks prepared for an all out assault to attack the good. The objective of the evil was to place multiple strategic locations under siege and to capture the flag and build a stronghold. The crafted various types of units to enable them to send waves of attacks towards the countries and cities defended by the good. How this conflict for independance ends (the end-game) is up to you, the supreme commander of the good blocks! Be prepared for the battle of a lifetime and the ultimate war-zone to burst into a true military saga!

During military operations (ops) the skill of the central commanding officer is critical to the success of the battle. Only the right tactical placement of forces leads to victory. Place your tiny little block troopers and see how they defend against the evil raiders trying to invade your area. Are you a general that goes on the offensive or do you defend the bunker at all cost? It’s your call!

- Hướng dẫn:

+ Download 1 file duy nhất: Block Defender v1.1.2.apk về máy tính

+ Copy vào thẻ nhớ và dùng nó để cài game, play game

+ Phiên bản đã được chỉnh sửa, vô hạn hp và dễ dàng tăng coin khi bạn cố gắng bảo vệ pháo đài